The Weekly Business Quiz from swotnot w/e 2nd December 2016

Welcome to the swotnot weekly quiz, where you can test your knowledge of the big events that have taken place this week in the worlds of business, marketing and tech. On the line? Your pride and some bragging rights by taking the top position in our leaderboard. You've got just 5 minutes...good luck (and don't forget to add your name and email so you can join the leaderboard)!

Popular payments gateway Stripe has just raised a $150 million Series D at what valuation?
On Black Friday, the makers of 'Cards Against Humanity' raised $100,000 to do what?
Which popular online streaming service announced this week that you can download content for offline viewing?
This week the Bank of England's stress test (a measure of how well banks are able to withstand 'very severe' situations such as a global recession and UK house price crash), found which bank to be the worst prepared?
Nearly two dozen of the world’s biggest football clubs including Arsenal, Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Juventus have joined forces to launch what?
BMW, Volkswagen Group, Ford, and Daimler are teaming up to create what in Europe?
In another sign that the wearables market is looking weak, who is rumoured to be purchasing smart watch pioneer Pebble for around $40 million?
In a blast from the past, which famous brand has just revealed they plan to start selling mobile phones again next year?



Leaderboard for The swotnot weekly quiz, w/e Dec 2nd

1. Ryan-100%
2. Simon Dunant-100%
3. Nick Lawson-87%
4. Chris-87%
5. Tom-62%