The Weekly Business Quiz from swotnot w/e 9th December 2016

Welcome to the swotnot weekly quiz, where you can test your knowledge of the big events that have taken place this week in the worlds of business, marketing and tech. On the line? Your pride and some bragging rights by taking the top position in our leaderboard. You've got just 5 minutes...good luck (and don't forget to add your name and email so you can join the leaderboard)!

This week, Tata Steel and trade union leaders have agreed a deal to save how many jobs in the steel industry and the Port Talbot steelworks in south Wales?

Amazon gained massive media coverage this week for what?
Sales of which drink topped £1 billion in the UK for the first time this year?
Who announced they were releasing a product called 'Home Hub' (hint, it's not BT!) to take on Amazon Echo and Google Home in the connected/smart home market?
Which billion-dollar technology company just acquired AI startup Geometric Intelligence, to spearhead its plans to create self-driving cars.
The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) announced a £84.3 million fine for which drug company after it raised prices of an anti-epilepsy drug 2,600% without justification?
According to an OECD report, based on a test of 215,942 people around the world to determine their computer skills, what % of the global population are "below Level 1," which would mean they're not able to 'respond all' to an email or find all emails sent by one particular person?
Which right-wing publication has recently had advertising pulled by Kellogg's, and now this week German firms including BMW and Deutsche Telekom (the parent company of T-Mobile)?



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