The Weekly Business Quiz from swotnot w/e 18th November 2016

Welcome to the swotnot weekly quiz, where you can test your knowledge of the big events that have taken place this week in the worlds of business, marketing and tech. On the line? Your pride and some bragging rights by taking the top position in our leaderboard. You've got just 5 minutes...good luck (and don't forget to add your name and email so you can join the leaderboard)!

Snapchat just filed for their IPO, what's its valuation?
Which company has announced it will take steps to address the fake news that it helps to spread?
What is the unfortunately named airline startup that just announced its prototype in partnership with Richard Branson?
Apple released a new product this week, costing $299. What is it?
How much does the PoisonTap cost, a USB device that can steal your personal data even from a password protected computer?
Which popular app just released its first hardware product, called 'Spectacles'?
Who bought audio giant Harman for $8 billion, helping it make a play for the 'smart car' industry?
Which social media giant has announced it is (finally) going to take more proactive steps in helping filter out abuse and ban trolls?



Leaderboard for The swotnot weekly quiz, w/e Nov 18th 2016

1. Simon-100%
2. Ven-75%
3. Tom Maya-75%
4. Bart-62%
5. Niall-62%