The Weekly Business Quiz from swotnot w/e 25th November 2016

Welcome to the swotnot weekly quiz, where you can test your knowledge of the big events that have taken place this week in the worlds of business, marketing and tech. On the line? Your pride and some bragging rights by taking the top position in our leaderboard. You've got just 5 minutes...good luck (and don't forget to add your name and email so you can join the leaderboard)!

In the best 'fail' news of the week, whose account did Twitter accidentally suspend?
This week, the CEO of which tech company has admitted using his admin privileges to go in and edit nasty comments about him?
After the Chancellor's Autumn Statement, what will the new minimum wage be for the UK?
Tesla made the news again this week as they completed the $2.6 billion purchase of SolarCity. What did they also announce they're going to be able to power with solar panels?
Amazon's Echo device just got a Chinese rival. What's it called?
According to recent study conducted by Stanford, what % of students couldn't tell the difference between a real news story, and a sponsored advert?
Which technology giant announced this week that would hire another 500 workers in the UK next year, boosting its workforce here by 50%?
This is cool (I suggest you watch the video), but how long did it take to shoot OK Go's latest 4-minute long music video?



Leaderboard for The swotnot weekly quiz, w/e Nov 25th

1. -75%
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3. Gemma Smith-50%
4. lee richardson-25%
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