The Top 100 Startup Advice Posts

With 1000’s of posts published every year containing startup advice and lessons for startups, which ones were the most popular that you should pay attention to? Which got the most social buzz?

To find out, I used BuzzSumo to search for content containing the phrases “startup advice,” “advice for startups,” “startup lessons,” or “lessons for startups.”

Based on their results, below are the Top 100 Startup Posts from the last 12 months. But first, a few quick observations.

16 were posted on LinkedIn, 8 on Medium, 6 on Forbes, 5 on Inc, while and The Macro (aka Hacker News) both had 3 each in the Top 100. So if you’re wondering where to post your startup advice in 2017, that should be handy to know.

In terms of individual authors, no one gets close to Ilya Pozin, the Founder & Head of Growth @ Pluto TV, who has an impressive 8 different posts of his in the top 100 – all published on LinkedIn, where he’s (rightly) got the tag as an influencer.

The average length of a post was 987 words, and the average number of shares was 765.

Here’s the list in the full.

Post Author # of Shares Read time
Mark Cuban’s Advice for Startups: ‘Do Everything Possible Not to Raise Funds’ Anna Hensel 8457 1 mins
Financial Adviser: 5 startup lessons every founder can learn from Potato Corner Entrepreneurph 7223 4 mins
Shark Tank Investor Kevin O’Leary: My Advice For Startups And Wannabe Entrepreneurs – Forbes Ky Trang Ho 2723 5 mins
The Best Startup Advice You’ll Ever Receive Ryan Hoover 2381 5 mins
5 Startup Lessons Learned from Starting a Radio Station Dr Gail Barnes 2341 5 mins
Startup Lessons From a First-Time Entrepreneur Who Raised $25 Million Fortune 2332 5 mins
5 Pieces of Common Startup Advice That Do More Harm Than Good Larry Alton 2039 3 mins
Startup Lessons: This Is Why You Need To Move Quickly Ilya Pozin 1945 3 mins
5 Startup Lessons I Learned From My Immigrant Father Jim Rohn 1869 3 mins
Black Thought at Harvard i-Lab: Tariq Trotter’s Freestyle, Advice for Startups Galen Moore 1721 4 mins
Startup Lessons: How Much Does it Cost to Launch a Startup? Ilya Pozin 1689 5 mins
8 People You Should Follow On Snapchat for Marketing, Growth and Startup Advice – Techstars Alison Daniel 1574 5 mins
Startup Lessons: How To Know When Your Startup Has Found Product Market Fit Ilya Pozin 1516 3 mins
After $24 Million Anti-Trump Windfall, ACLU Heads To Silicon Valley For Startup Lessons Matt Drange 1490 2 mins
Startup Lessons – Growth Foundation Vibethemes 1330 0 mins
Virtuestream CEO Rodney Rogers startup advice Eugene Kim 1297 1 mins
The Failure Factor: 8 Startup Lessons Learned From Building (And Losing) A $21M Beauty Brand Megan Bruneau 1224 6 mins
Startup Lessons: 3 Reasons Startups Are Huge Money Burners Ilya Pozin 1215 4 mins
Startup Lessons From One of Silicon Valley’s Top Young Entrepreneurs John White 1202 2 mins
5 Startup Lessons from the US Election Ron Shah 1190 4 mins
Startup Lessons: Product Development Mistakes You Need To Avoid Ilya Pozin 1091 3 mins
How To Be Like Benioff: 4 Startup Lessons From The Early Days Of Salesforce // 1075 3 mins
7 Rock Star Female Founders Share Their Best Startup Advice Young Entrepreneur Council 1070 4 mins
Startup Lessons: Why Your Startup Must Use Agile Ilya Pozin 1058 4 mins
Startup Advice for New Entrepreneurs Ryan Hoover 992 6 mins
Successful women have advice for startups | ShareAmerica Paula Thomson 946 1 mins
Later Stage Advice for Startups 900 9 mins
5 Common Pieces of Startup Advice You Should Actually Ignore – BusinessCollective 859 0 mins
Six Startup Lessons Every Founder Should Know Stanford Business 830 3 mins
Startup Lessons from Working on a Farm – Startup Study Group (SSG) Https:// 752 2 mins
Startup Lessons: 5 Steps to Ensure Your Startup Has Product Market Fit (It’s Critical) Ilya Pozin 703 4 mins
Understand your product and why you exist at all. Startup advice and FinTech insights from Theo Priestly Irish Tech News 640 4 mins
7 Startup Lessons By Baba Ramdev Punita Sabharwal 634 1 mins
3 startup lessons from a one-woman Bloody Mary machine, Barbecue Wife Catherine Stiles – Austin Business Journal Will Anderson 586 3 mins
5 priceless startup lessons I learned from my year at Razorpay Deepak Kanakaraju 586 3 mins
Snapchat’s newest power users: Entrepreneurs with advice for startups – Digiday Yuyu Chen 548 2 mins
The Best Startup Advice You’ll Ever Receive Https:// 528 1 mins
12 Nordic top entrepreneurs share their favorite startup advice Tom Turula 518 2 mins
[VIDEO] How to Make Investors Swipe Right: 10 Startup Lessons from Guy Kawasaki 487 3 mins
Startup Lessons: The Secrets To Surviving In The Early Stage Ilya Pozin 477 3 mins
The hustle of Hunter Walk (and his advice for startups) Christine Deakers 466 9 mins
8 People You Should Follow On Snapchat for Marketing, Growth and Startup Advice – No CMO No Cmo 463 4 mins
15 Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Startup Advice Glob Start 439 1 mins
Born To Run – Five Business Startup Lessons From Bruce Springsteen’s New Memoir // 427 4 mins
The 10 Pieces of Bad Startup Advice That You Should Ignore Alex Turnbull 390 6 mins
Under Armour CEO’s Advice for Startups: Make a Profit Anthony Crupi 379 1 mins
3 Investors Share Their Best Advice for Startups – Creator by WeWork Wework 375 3 mins
Raising Money Online – Advice For Startups 375 8 mins
5 Critical Startup Lessons Urbanette ® 367 1 mins
How to lead a startup? Lessons from corporate world Https:// 341 4 mins
Startup lessons from the sea: Smartsheet’s Mark Mader shares 14 tips for smooth sailing in business – GeekWire Geekwire 335 4 mins
Startup Advice for Entrepreneurs Shafqat Islam 326 2 mins
PageProof’s startup lessons from the United States Tao Lin 315 1 mins
Theranos saga teaches these lessons for startups – MedCity News Arundhati Parmar 313 3 mins
4 Startup Lessons I Learned From ‘SimCity’ Contributor 307 3 mins
Startup Advice for New Entrepreneurs – Product Hunt Https:// 303 0 mins
Corporate venture investor advice for startups: Make sure we’re the right fit and don’t compromise vision – MedCity News Stephanie Baum 301 2 mins
Startup Lessons Learned: Don’t Underestimate the Power of Video John Hingley 301 1 mins
2 Startup Lessons for First-Time Founders 294 0 mins
13 Colorado tech experts offer startup advice for entrepreneurs James Risley 282 8 mins
Six Startup Lessons Every Founder Should Know Stanford Business 276 3 mins
8 — Startup Lessons Learnt from Sailing in Yangon’s Inya Lake Https:// 270 5 mins
Lessons for Startups and Investors from the Election Jay Levy 261 0 mins
Advice for startups: how ideas an idea becomes a business Rachael Steven 252 7 mins
How Does Branding Help a Startup? Brand Design Advice for Startups Inkbot Design 241 6 mins
5 Pieces of Startup Advice From Under-40 Entrepreneurs Https:// 239 3 mins
Great Fucking Startup Advice Jason Shen 230 0 mins
Seven Tips for Creating a Food Startup – Advice From Successful Foodie Founders Cat Neligan 222 4 mins
Startup Lessons: Be the pirate and the navy Https:// 221 1 mins
Outside The Tech Bubble: Product Quality Lessons For Startups From Chateau Margaux Ed Zimmerman 213 6 mins
Startup Advice For Intending Entrepreneurs: Never Go It Alone 206 0 mins
Startup Lessons: Taunt the bully — if you have a difference to flaunt Https:// 201 3 mins
Startup advice for 2017 Sarah Loates 201 4 mins
Advice for Startups Looking to Go Global Steamfeed 200 2 mins
Agrilyst’s Kopf Talks Indoor Ag in New York and Funding Advice for Startups – AgFunderNews 199 3 mins
Seven pieces of insight, advice for startups from Red Hat CEO -TechWire Insider :: Editor’s Blog at WRAL TechWire Laura Baverman, Exitevent Editor 188 0 mins
Startup advice from most influential women who tech Edyta Kowal 185 9 mins
Be Like Deadpool: Invaluable Startup Lessons From The Superhero – Inc42 Media Inc42 182 2 mins
Is your FinTech business idea credible? Startup advice from Fiona Maguire, COO Startup Bootcamp Singapore Irish Tech News 173 4 mins
Startup Advice I’ve Given On Snapchat · The Macro 171 1 mins
Become a Digital Disruptor: Lessons for Startups, Investors, Innovators, and Entrepreneurs Russell Walker 171 4 mins
5 Startup Lessons You Can Learn from HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Aj Agrawal 170 2 mins
5 Important Startup Lessons That I’ve learned as an Entrepreneur Muhammad Usman 169 3 mins
Deezer Startup Lessons Episode 2: The Growth Hacks Alexandre Jubien 169 9 mins
5 Startup Lessons I’ve Learnt From My Grandmother Levi Aron 163 1 mins
5 common pieces of startup advice you should actually ignore Https:// 162 1 mins
The Secret to Balance and other Advice for Startups: Ivan Misner – Agent Agent™ 162 4 mins
Local biz leaders offer advice for startups Burlingtonfreepress 157 4 mins
10 startup lessons from the time CloudCherry went away! Cloudcherry 155 6 mins
16 Essential Startup Lessons From Steve Blank – AlleyWatch Lesya Pishchevskaya 154 7 mins
What they wish they knew: 6 female founders share their best startup advice Wellesley Daniels 154 7 mins
Advice for Startups – #SMBuzzChat with The Startup Van 153 0 mins
7 Bits of Startup Advice & Insight from Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst 149 7 mins
Startup lessons from the football field: Russell Okung explains how the Seahawks created a winning culture – GeekWire Taylor Soper 146 3 mins
EP 036: Startup lessons from the “OG” of Miami Tech 144 1 mins
Trade Show Advice for Startups Businessdotcom 141 4 mins
StartUp Lessons from CEO, Manish Taneja – CIOL Ciol Writers 140 1 mins
10 Books That Offer Best Startup Advice – Startup Champ Amarpreet Kaur 137 3 mins
30 Startup Lessons Learned by Velocity Companies – Velocity Velocity Companies 137 5 mins
The compilation of 32 pricing lessons for startups Https:// 134 15 mins