The Weekly Business Quiz from swotnot w/e 16th December 2016

Welcome to the swotnot weekly quiz, where you can test your knowledge of the big events that have taken place this week in the worlds of business, marketing and tech. On the line? Your pride and some bragging rights by taking the top position in our leaderboard. You've got just 5 minutes...good luck (and don't forget to add your name and email so you can join the leaderboard)!

Which 2 Silicon Valley CEO's joined President-elect Trump’s Strategic and Policy Forum, which will regularly meet with the soon-president to advise on business issues?
This week, Yahoo admitted that they it was hacked again, exposing the personal details of how many people?
Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox agreed to buy which UK media company for £11.7bn this week?
Trump's tweet about Lockheed-Martin knocked how much off their share price?
Which company officially completed the UK's first delivery by drone this week?
Which car manufacturer has beaten Tesla to the punch by delivering the first mass-market EV car this week?
Slack announced the release of what new feature this week?
Who launched a self-driving pick-up service in San Francisco this week, only for one of the cars to be filmed running a red light, and get threatened with legal action for not asking permission to launch the service in the first place?



Leaderboard for The swotnot weekly quiz, w/e Dec 16th

1. -62%
2. Luke-62%
3. Nick-50%
4. Sara Jesper-37%
5. Rob Lees-25%