You Can’t Trump Trump: It’s the Business Brief (All About Trump)!

It seems more like a year than a week since the last business brief…and what a week it’s been. Honestly, I’m not 100% what’s happened beyond the news of Trump winning the election. So here’s a super brief summary of some Trump-related business, tech and marketing news following Tuesday’s results.

Happy Markets

Markets hate unpredictability more than anything else, so a decisive win with no hints at recounts and a long-protracted battle over its legitimacy sent stocks soaring, with the Dow Jones closing at an all time high the day after the results.

No doubt this was helped by Trump’s promise to un-regulate a whole ton of industries,  the conciliatory tone of his acceptance speech, and Obama’s pledge to ensure a smooth handover.

Whether they stay this was over the long-term is another matter of course.

Facebook did this! 

The biggest scapegoat to emerge after the results as liberals around the world try to figure out ‘why,’ is fast-becoming Facebook.

A lot of people are now focused on its massive reach and the impact that it had on the electorate, who were exposed to an awful lot of untrue news and incredibly biased polemics that reinforced their world view and maybe swung their vote.

In a more balanced appraisal of the media’s role in the election, and it’s failure to a) understand half the population and b) help educate it, Nieman Lab stresses that those trends are currently only getting worse.

CEOs respond

Finally, a lot of CEOs, particularly of Silicon Valley tech companies, have responded to election with letters and memo’s to their employees. It’s interesting to see their reactions, which have almost all been to focus on staying on-mission, remaining open minded and striving for ever greater tolerance and diversity. Of course, not everyone got it quite right (even if they had good intentions), as demonstrated by the fallout from the email sent by, Matt Maloney, GrubHub’s CEO.

Bigger than Trump, bigger than Brexit…

Ok so I lied, there was one piece of news so big that it penetrated even the Trump bombshell. It’s something we’ve all been waiting for, nearly a full year in the making, slowly building into a frenzy of anticipation. Well wait no more, the John Lewis advert has finally been released! And it’s already wracked up more than 7 million views!

It’s a departure from the last few years of emotional tear jerkers. What do you think?